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Overview of emergency assistance Region Zealand

Medical Helpline - 1818

Contact the Medical Helpline 1818 outside your doctor's opening hours, in case of acute illness or injury that is not life-threatening. Read more.

Emergency Psychiatry

Do you or someone you know need emergency psychiatric assistance? Read more here.

Dental Emergency Service

The dental emergency services offer urgent dental care outside regular dentist hours. Read more.

Emergency Pharmacies

Pharmacies with extended opening hours. Read more.

Poison Control

The Poison Control (Giftlinjen) provides telephone advice and emergency assistance in case of poisoning - around the clock. Read more.

Sexual Assault Victims

Contact the Center for Sexual Assault Victims if you or someone you know has been subjected to an assault. Read more.


When a person experiences cardiac arrest, prompt assistance is crucial. Find the nearest defibrillator in your area.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

See where you can get tested for sexually transmitted diseases in your region.