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Call 112 in case of acute life-threatening illness or injury

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Use the out-of-hours Medical Helpline appropriately

The out-of-hours Medical helpline should be used for the treatment of sudden-onset illness or worsening of an existing illness.

Consider whether you can wait until your doctor is available. Your doctor has the best knowledge of your health.

Prescription renewal should always be done in collaboration with your doctor.

If you become ill, seek advice here:

If you become ill

If you suddenly become ill or experience a serious worsening of your condition, seek advice at

Or contact the out-of-hours Medical Helpline.

All contact with the out-of-hours Medical Helpline begins with a phone call.

There may be a waiting time. Please be patient - you will eventually get through.

Before calling

Have your yellow health insurance card/health card ready and information about the medication you are on.

If you suspect a fever, you should measure your temperature rectally.

Sick children

Seek advice

When contacting the out-of-hours Medical Helpline:

- Have your child's yellow health insurance card/health card ready.

- Provide information about any medication your child may be taking.

- Measure your child's temperature rectally.

Talking to the out-of-hours Medical helpline

You will be connected directly to a doctor or nurse asking for your personal identification number and requesting information about your symptoms.

They will assess whether the telephone consultation is sufficient or if you need to be examined further at one of the out-of-hours Medical Helpline clinics or at an emergency department.

In special situations, a home visit may be necessary. There is usually a waiting time of 2-3 hours.

The doctor or nurse determines whether a home visit is necessary. A home visit cannot be demanded.

Transportation to the out-of-hours Medical Helpline clinic

You are responsible for arranging your transportation to and from the out-of-hours Medical Helpline clinic.

A person without a Danish CPR number

A replacement CPR number can be assigned by the Emergency Medical Services or by a general practitioner, if a person does not have a Danish CPR number, if the person is unconscious, or if the person does not wish to disclose their CPR number. A replacement CPR number is used to identify patients within the healthcare system.