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Central Denmark Region Out-of-hours Medical Helpline

Phone number:

70 11 31 31

Important information

All contact with the out-of-hours Medical Helpline begins with a phone call. You will speak to a doctor.

The out-of-hours Medical Helpline is available on all weekdays from 16 to 08 and on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays throughout the day and night.

When you call, always have your yellow health insurance card/health card ready.

Learn more about the proper use of the Medical Helpline.

Telephone advice

When you call the out-of-hours Medical Helpline, you will be connected directly to a doctor asking for your personal identification number and requesting information about your symptoms. It is important to have measured your temperature rectally if there is suspicion of infection or inflammation.

The doctor will determine whether the telephone consultation is sufficient or if you should be examined at one of the clinics.

The doctor will assess whether a home visit is necessary.

The doctor will often recommend that you contact your doctor.

Clinic consultation

If the doctor deems that you should be examined, you will be referred to one of the out-of-hours Medical Helpline clinics.

Remember to bring your yellow health insurance card/health card and information about the medication you usually take.

On the islands Anholt and Endelave, island doctors provide emergency assistance. First, contact the out-of-hours Medical Helpline.

Consultation addresses

(By appointment after phone consultation)

Aarhus Universitetshospital (Skejby)

Entrance J3, Level 2

Grenaa Sundhedshus

Entrance B

Regionshospitalet Gødstrup

Entrance at the Emergency Department

Center for Sundhed Holstebro

Regionshospitalet Horsens

Turn right at Entrance A, follow signs to the medical emergency service (Lægevagten) marked with a red cross

Lemvig Sundhedshus

Follow the signposting

Regionshospitalet Randers

Entrance B - proceed to B3

Sundhedshus Ringkøbing

Entrance from Nørregade, entrance before Entrance A

Samsø Sundheds- og Akuthus

Regionshospitalet Silkeborg

Entrance N

Regionshospitalet Skive

Entrance at the emergency clinic

Regionshospitalet Viborg

Entrance B

Consultation addresses - Anholt, Endelave, and Tunø

Contact www.ø-læ during opening hours.

Outside of opening hours, contact the out-of-hours Medical Helpline.

Endelave Medical Center

See also https://www.læ

During opening hours, you can contact your own doctor or the Medical Clinic in Sund.

Outside of opening hours, contact the out-of-hours Medical Helpline.

The Medical Clinic at Ølykkecenteret.

See also

During opening hours, you can contact your own doctor or the Medical Clinic in Solbjerg.

Outside of opening hours, contact the out-of-hours Medical Helpline.

Home visits

When the doctor deems it necessary, a doctor will visit you at home. This occurs in cases where your illness, age, or other factors make it necessary.

A home visit cannot be demanded.

Are you sick?

Read more about your illness before calling - click on the person in the area where you are experiencing symptoms!