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Nationwide Poison Information Center (Giftlinjen)

The national telephone number for the Poison Information Center:

82 12 12 12
Call 112 and/or provide first aid in cases of breathing difficulties, ingestion of corrosive substances, drowsiness, unconsciousness, seizures, or massive exposure.

Important information

The Poison Information Center offers telephone advice and emergency assistance in cases of poisoning - around the clock.

The helpline provides advice/guidance on:

First aid

Plants and mushrooms


Food poisoning

Substances of abuse

Stings and bites



Helpline Advice

When contacting the Poison Information Center, please provide your name, CPR number (personal identification number), and telephone number. You can remain anonymous if you wish.

When you call, it is important to be precise in your description. You will be asked about what, when, how much, etc.

If possible, have the product, medicine bottle, packaging, plant part, or similar ready when you call. This should also be brought along if you need to be seen by a doctor. You can also take a picture of the product.

Find more information on the Poison Information Center's website: Welcome to the Poison Information Center (